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Best Thriller Authors
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List of The Best Thriller Authors

Who is the best thriller author? What a tough question to answer. Is there such a person? How do you judge the best? You could base the best on the author's income, number of books written and sold, perhaps the size of their social media following, or the influential power of their publisher to create hype. I personally think it's down to you, the reader, and what you think. That's what's important! If a book keeps you in suspense, is exciting and you want more, then I think that qualifies for a great thriller book, don't you?

There are many great thriller writers that have written many great books that completely excite their readers. So, what I suggest is that you choose a book and read it and if you like the story then great, you have found yourself one of your favourite writers. I say "one" because you can have several on your Best-of-the-Best List. An author that's the best for one reader may not be the best for another.

These great thriller authors manage to keep you on the edge of your seat with every turn of the page. They animate your imagination, creating suspense and mystery with heart-pounding plots, complex characters, and jaw-dropping twists. With meticulous plotting of every detail, these authors keep readers hooked from start to finish with truly gripping stories that leave you breathless.

Best-selling Thriller Author List in Alphabetical Order

I have a list of the best-selling thriller authors and suspense novelists for you to choose from and will add to it, so keep coming back. These are the best authors writing thriller novels in genres like: science-fiction, action, spy, conspiracy, psychological, horror, crime, mystery, detective, military, political, legal, supernatural, etc. I have also linked to the author's books for ease. Enjoy!

  1. Ace Atkins: US/American writer. Genres: mystery, thrillers, crime fiction.
  2. Agatha Christie: UK/English author. Genres: murder, mystery, detective, crime, fiction thriller.
  3. Alafair Burke: US/American novelist. Genres: crime fiction, mystery, thriller.
  4. Alex Berenson: US/American writer. Genres: nonfiction, spy fiction.
  5. Alex Kava: US/American author. Genres: mystery, crime thrillers, suspense.
  6. Allen Eskens: US/American novelist. Genre: crime thriller.
  7. Allison Brennan: US/American writer. Genre: suspense thrillers, mysteries.
  8. Alys Clare: UK/British writer. Genre: historical mystery.
  9. Alyssa Maxwell: US/American author. Genre: mystery.
  10. Andrea Penrose: US/American writer. Genres: historical mystery thrillers, regency set mystery.
  11. Andrew Grant: UK/English novelist. Genres: thriller and mystery.
  12. Andrew Gross: US/American novelist. Genres: thrillers, historical thrillers.
  13. Brian Andrews & Jeffrey Wilson: US/American authors. Genres: action, military, spy thrillers.
  14. Andy McDermott: UK/British author. Genre: action and adventure thrillers.
  15. Ann Cleeves: UK/English writer. Genres: crime, mystery.
  16. Archer Mayor: US/American writer. Genres: crime, mystery.
  17. B A Paris: UK/British novelist. Genres: suspense, fiction, psychological thriller.
  18. Barry Eisler: US/American author. Genres: mystery, military, spy, political thiller.
  19. Ben Coes: US/American novelist. Genres: political thrillers and espionage.
  20. Blake Pierce: US/American writer. Genres: mystery, psychological suspense thrillers.
  21. Brad Taylor: US/American novelist. Genre: military thrillers.
  22. Brad Thor: US/American writer. Genre: spy, political, adventure fiction thrillers.
  23. Brian Freeman: US/American author. Genre: psychological suspense novels.
  24. Camilla Läckberg: Swedish author. Genre: crime thrillers.
  25. Candice Fox: Australian author. Genres: mystery, crime fiction, thriller and suspense.
  26. Cara Black: US/American novelist. Genres: crime, mystery, spy thriller, private investigator.
  27. Dale Brown: US/American writer. Genre: aviation techno-thrillers.
  28. Dan Brown: US/American author. Genres: thriller, adventure, mystery, conspiracy.
  29. :
    US/American novelist. Genres: sci-fi, mystery, crime, suspense, historical adventure.
  30. Daniel Silva: US/American writer. Genres: spy fiction, thriller.
  31. David Baldacci: US/American novelist. Genres: mystery, crime, detective, suspense, legal thrillers.
  32. David Handler: US/American author. Genres: mystery thrillers, crime fiction.
  33. David Leadbeater: UK/English writer. Genres: action, adventure, supernatural thrillers.
  34. John le Carré: British/Irish author. Genre: espionage thrillers, spy fiction.
  35. Lee Child: UK/British author. Genres: crime fiction, mystery, thriller.
  36. Mark Dawson: UK/English author. Genres: suspense, spy thriller, detective, mystery.
  37. Mark Greaney: US/American writer. Genres: political, military, spy thrillers.
  38. Matthew Reilly: Australian writer. Genre: action thriller.
  39. Nigel Billington: UK/British author. Genres: sci-fi thriller, spy, conspiracy, action.
  40. Robert Ludlum: US/American novelist. Genres: thriller, spy fiction, mystery.
  41. Steve Berry: US/American author. Genres: action thriller, suspense, history, secrets and conspiracy.
  42. Tom Clancy: US/American writer. Genres: techno, spy, crime, military fiction thrillers.
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