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Novelist Mark Dawson

Mark Dawson Author

Mark Dawson is a multi-million copy bestselling UK/English author who writes books in the genres of suspense, spy thriller, detective and mystery. He is one of the great thriller authors having written many novels and is most famous for the John Milton series.

List of the Mark Dawson Books in Order

Mark Dawson's books include the John Milton series, Beatrix Rose series, Isabella Rose series, Group 15 series, and the Atticus Priest series. He also has a few standalone books. I've listed Mark Dawson's books in reading order with the publication date in (brackets), as he wrote a few prequels which can cause a little confusion as to what order you should read them. So, here's the publication and chronological order of Mark's books.

24 John Milton Books in Order of Reading

The John Milton series currently has 24 books:
  1. 1,000 Yards Novela (2014)
  2. Tarantula Novela (2014)
  3. The Cleaner (2013)
  4. Saint Death (2013)
  5. The Driver (2014)
  6. Ghosts (2014)
  7. The Sword of God (2014)
  8. Salvation Row (2014)
  9. Headhunters (2015)
  10. The Ninth Step (2016)
  11. The Jungle (2016)
  12. Blackout (2017)
  13. The Alamo (2017)
  14. Redeemer (2018)
  15. Sleepers (2018)
  16. Twelve Days (2018)
  17. Bright Lights (2019)
  18. The Man Who Never Was (2020)
  19. Killa City (2020)
  20. Ronin (2020)
  21. Never Let Me Down Again (2021)
  22. Bulletproof (2021)
  23. The Sandman (2022)
  24. Uppercut (2023)

9 Beatrix Rose Books in Order of Reading

The Beatrix Rose series has 9 books written:
  1. White Devil Hong Kong Stories (2015)
  2. Nine Dragons Hong Kong Stories (2015)
  3. Dragons Head Hong Kong Stories (2015)
  4. The Dragon and The Ghost (2015)
  5. In Cold Blood (2014)
  6. Blood Moon Rising (2014)
  7. Blood and Roses (2014)
  8. Phoenix (2017)
  9. Tempest (2019)

5 Isabella Rose Books in Order of Reading

The Isabella Rose series has 5 books:
  1. The Angel (2015)
  2. The Asset (2016)
  3. The Agent (2017)
  4. The Assassin (2018)
  5. The Avenger (2022)

5 Group Fifteen Files Books in Order of Publication

The Group Fifteen series has 5 books:
  1. Scorpion (2017)
  2. Witness X (2017)
  3. Little Sister (2018)
  4. The Vault (2020)
  5. Wormwood (2022)

2 Atticus Priest Books in Order of Publication

The Atticus Priest series has 2 books written:

Mark Dawson Biography

Mak Dawson was born in 1973 in Lowestoft, Suffolk, in the United Kingdom. He now lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire. He was a lawyer working in the City of London for ten years before becoming a full-time author. His first ever book was published through Macmillan in 1999/2000, but didn’t do well. He later became a self-published author and published the first Milton book in 2014. The book drew immediate interest from readers. Mark has sold over 1m copies of his John Milton, Beatrix and Isabella Rose series.

Final Words

Well, that's the list of Author Mark Dawson's books in order for reading and I will keep this page updated as soon as he writes more books. I hope you found this list helpful and if so please share this page or link to it as a useful resource for others looking for Mark's books.
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