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Thriller Writer Nigel Billington

About Nigel Billington

I'm a self-published thriller author and writer of THE FUTURE IS SET - a Josh Brannon Action-Thriller, a new action-packed sci-fi-spy-thriller book series I'm planning with further releases.

Here's a little bit about me

I grew up in Dorset in the South of England. Leaving school at sixteen I joined the British army in 1985 and served in an infantry regiment, first stationed in Berlin during the latter stages of the Cold War. I've witnessed first-hand the Berlin wall, the East German border guards, the patrol dogs, and the border crossing checkpoints. I also had the experience of guarding Nazi-party member Rudolf Hess in Spandau Prison. After leaving Berlin in 1987, I had various other military postings, one of which was to South Armagh in Northern Ireland during "The Troubles".

After leaving the army, I tried and tested a few jobs, but eventually moved into the security and investigations world. After many years in this industry I started my own part-time business as a private investigator but cut that short to move to South Africa, where I reside today.

Now, I am venturing into something I love - writing. As a new thriller author (of many books to come) I hope to give my readers many action-packed stories they will love.
Thriller Author Nigel Billington
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