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GEMINOS: Action-Thriller Book 2

GEMINOS Action-Thriller Book

A JOSH BRANNON Action-Thriller

Join Josh Brannon in
the 2nd book in the series of EXCITING action-packed thrillers with a sci-fi twist.


Josh Brannon works for the British government. He is an intelligence operative with a special set of deadly skills. And he has a secret - an extraordinary secret not even his government employer knows about.

Brannon finds himself taking part in what appears to be an ordinary take-down of a terrorist cell in London. All seems to be a regular police-led operation until one of Brannon's colleagues is suspiciously killed by an unknown gunman. This leads Brannon to the unbelievable discovery of a familiar face from his past: setting off a turn of events that lead him straight back onto a dangerous path.

Continuing the deadly trail, to find the truth of his extraordinary secret, Brannon becomes deeply embroiled in an assignment to prevent the development of the Chinese government's mind control programme. Narrowly missing death, Brannon is forced to Munich on a deeply personal rescue mission that brings him face-to-face with something never before expected!
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