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THE FUTURE IS SET: A Sci-fi Thriller

THE FUTURE IS SET Action-Thriller Book

A JOSH BRANNON Sci-fi Action-Thriller

Join Josh Brannon in
the 1st book in the series of EXCITING action-packed science-fiction thrillers.


Josh Brannon grows up in a run-down estate; beaten down in life even before it really begins. But he has a secret, a secret so wild that if revealed would have him thrown into an asylum, for it goes against all conventional scientific thought.

As a young boy, he experiences unusual phenomena linked to a sinister organisation, gets tangled up with a secret government operative that is more than he seems, and is catapulted through life-threatening dangers that pose deep questions: questions not meant to be answered.

Later, he finds himself joining the military and is recruited to work for the government. But his long-past secret - that is all but forgotten - catches up with him, leading him into a deadly cat-and-mouse game. Set with a betrayal of love, questionable alliances, unfathomable science, Brannon strives to find the truth about his past unexplained experiences. He sets out on a dangerous path, one that is not meant to be followed, and one that will want to see him dead before he uncovers the truth!
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