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Best Sci-fi Authors
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List of the Best Sci-fi Authors

Who is the best sci-fi author? Well, that's a hard question to answer. How do you judge the best? Is it based on the number of books they've written, how much money they have, the size of their following on social media, or the power of their publisher to create exposure. I personally think it's completely subjective and down to you and what you think.

There are so many authors who write great sci-fi books spanning the whole genre and sub-genres. However, you can explore my list of some of the best science-fiction authors out there who have brought futuristic worlds, mind-bending technologies, and intriguing characters to life.

From the visionary imagination to captivating storytelling, these top sci-fi writers have shaped the genre and continue to inspire readers with their unique perspectives on the future. Whether you're a seasoned sci-fi fan or just getting started, these science-fiction writers are sure to take you on an unforgettable journey through the cosmos and beyond.

Best-selling Science-fiction Author List in Alphabetical Order

I have listed some of the best-selling sci-fi novelists for you to choose from and will add to it, so keep coming back. These are the best authors writing science-fiction novels in sub-genres like: sci-fi thriller, military science fiction, space opera, dystopian fiction, post-apocalyptic fiction, hard and soft science-fiction, alternate history, steam and cyberpunk, time travel, alien invasion, etc. I have also linked to the author's books for ease. Enjoy!

  1. Adrian Tchaikovsky: British/UK author. Genres: science fiction
    fantasy, cosmic horror, sci-fi thriller, space opera.
  2. Alastair Reynolds: Welsh writer. Genres: h
    ard science fiction and space opera.
  3. Andy Weir: American/US novelist. Genres: science fiction fantasy, hard sci-fi, thriller, apocalyptic.
  4. Arthur C. Clarke: UK/British writer. Genres: hard science fiction, apocalyptic, space opera, fantasy fiction, mystery.
  5. B.V. Larson: US/American author. Genres: sci-fi, military science fiction and epic fantasy.
  6. Craig Alanson: American/US writer. Genres: science fiction, fantasy fiction, space opera, military sci-fi.
  7. Dan Abnett: British/UK novelist. Genres: sci-fi military, space opera, adventure fiction, fantasy.
  8. David Weber: US/American novelist. Genres: epic fantasy, space opera, alternate history and military sci-fi.
  9. Douglas E. Richards: American/US author. Genres: sci-fi, mystery, time travel, suspense, near future science fiction thrillers.
  10. Eric Flint: US/American writer. Genres: alternate history science fiction and fantasy.
  11. Greg Bear: American/US novelist. Genres: thrillers, science fiction, speculative fiction and fantasy.
  12. John Ringo: US/American author. Genres: speculative fiction, apocalyptic, fantasy, paranormal, space opera, military sci-fi, thriller.
  13. John Scalzi: American/US writer. Genres: science fiction, space opera, military, adventure fiction and near-future sci-fi.
  14. L. Ron Hubbard: US/American novelist. Genres: science fiction, military sci-fi, space opera, dystopian and adventure.
  15. Larry Niven: American/US author. Genres: sci-fi, space opera, apocalyptic, fantasy, hard science-fiction and time travel.
  16. Lindsay Buroker: US/American writer. Genres: fantasy and sci-fi, space opera, steampunk, adventure, military, suspense.
  17. Lois McMaster Bujold: American/US novelist. Genres: science fiction, fantasy, speculative fiction and space opera.
  18. Michael Chatfield: Canadian author. Genres: science fiction fantasy, space opera and military science fiction.
  19. Michael Crichton: US/American author. Genres: science fiction, techno-thriller, medical fiction, mystery and thriller.
  20. Neal Stephenson: American/US writer. Genres: hard science fiction, thriller, techno, time travel, dystopian, cyberpunk and fantasy.
  21. Nick Harkaway: British/UK writer. Genres: science fiction, thriller, mystery and fantasy.
  22. Nigel Billington: UK/British author. Genres: sci-fi thriller, soft science fiction, time slip, spy action and conspiracy.
  23. Orson Scott Card: US/American novelist. Genres: science-fiction, fantasy fiction, space opera and military sci-fi.
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