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Thriller Author Steve Berry's Books in Order

Thriller Author Steve Berry Books in Order

Steve Berry is an American best-selling thriller author who spent thirty years as a trial lawyer. Steve had been writing fiction since 1990, during his time as a practicing attorney, and 12 years later with pure persistence and dedication he sold a manuscript to a publisher, after 85 rejections. Now though, Steve Barry's books have been translated into 40 languages and are sold in 51 countries. That's impressive!

List of the Steve Berry Books in Order

Author Steve Berry has written one book series called the Cotton Malone series and a number of stand-alone stories. His first three novels, The Amber Room, The Romanov Prophecy, and The Third Secret are stand-alone novels, same as The Columbus Affair, and the The Omega Factor. He has also collaborated with author M.J. Rose on a number of thriller books. I've listed Steve Berry's books in reading order with the publication date in (brackets), so you know which order to read them in. So, here's the chronological (and publication order) of Steve Berry's books.

Steve Berry Cotton Malone Books in Order of Reading

Book 1: THE TEMPLAR LEGACY (published in 2006)
Book 2: THE ALEXANDRIA LINK (published in 2007)
Book 3: THE VENETIAN BETRAYAL (published in 2007)
Book 4: THE CHARLEMAGNE PURSUIT (published in 2008)
Book 5: THE PARIS VENDETTA (published in 2009)
Book 6: THE EMPEROR'S TOMB (published in 2010)
Book 7: THE JEFFERSON KEY (published in 2011)
Book 8: THE KING'S DECEPTION (published in 2013)
Book 9: THE LINCOLN MYTH (published in 2014)
Book 10: THE PATRIOT THREAT (published in 2015)
Book 11: THE 14th COLONY (published in 2016)
Book 12: THE LOST ORDER (published in 2017)
Book 13: THE BISHOP'S PAWN (published in 2018)
Book 14: THE MALTA EXCHANGE (published in 2019)
Book 15: THE WARSAW PROTOCOL (published in 2020)
Book 16: THE KAISER'S WEB (published in 2021)

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Steve Berry's Cassiopeia Vitt Series in Order

The Cassiopeia Vitt Adventure Series was written in collaboration with author M.J. Rose. Here they are in order of reading.

Book 1: THE MUSEUM OF MYSTERIES (published in 2018)
Book 2: THE LAKE OF LEARNING (published in 2019)
Book 3: THE HOUSE OF LONG AGO (published in 2020)
Book 4: THE END OF FOREVER (published in 2021)

Steve Berry's Stand-alone Thriller Books in Order of Publication

THE AMBER ROOM (published in 2003)
THE ROMANOV PROPHECY (published in 2004)
THE THIRD SECRET (published in 2005)
THE COLUMBUS AFFAIR (published in 2012)
THE OMEGA FACTOR (published in 2022)

Final Words

Well, that's the complete list and order of reading of Steve Berry's action-thriller books and I will keep this page updated as soon as he writes more novels. *I hope you found this list helpful and if so please share this page or link to it as a useful resource for others looking for Steve's books.
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