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Thriller Author Mark Greaney's Books in Order

Thriller Author Mark Greaney Books in Order

Mark Greaney is a well known American writer and one of the best thriller authors in his own right, as well as having worked with Tom Clancy. Mark confesses to have no personal service in the military or law enforcement to draw upon realistic experiences for his books, so amazingly he makes massive efforts in his story research. Mark has gone out of his way to get trained in weapons and tactics to use in his novels. And this knowledge and experience reflects in Mark Greaney's books like the Gray Man novels.

List of the Mark Greaney Books in Order

Author Mark Greaney has written one book series called the Gray Man books and a number of books in the Tom Clancy Jack Ryan series. He also has a standalone book written with US Marine Corp Lieutenant Colonel Hunter Ripley Rawlings IV. I've listed Mark Greaney's books in reading order with the publication date in (brackets), so you know which order to read them in. So, without further delay here's the chronological (and publication order) of Mark Greaney's books. Have fun!

Mark Greaney's Gray Man Books in Order of Reading

Book 1: THE GRAY MAN (published in 2009)

Synopsis: The Gray Man is Mark Greaney's 1st book in the Gray Man series where Court Gentry - known as The Gray Man - is a legend in the spy world.

Book 2: ON TARGET (published in 2010)

Synopsis: On Target is the 2nd book in the Gray Man series. An old comrade returns to haunt assassin Court Gentry and force him to go on a doomed mission.

Book 3: BALLISTIC (published in 2011)

Synopsis: Ballistic is the 3rd book in the series where ex-CIA assassin Court Gentry's bloody past catches up with him up when a Russian crime boss forces him to go on the run.

Book 4: DEAD EYE (published in 2013)

Synopsis: Dead Eye, the series' 4th book, sees Gentry taking revenge on a former employer who betrayed him, and gets involved in something he’s never had to deal with before - a killer like him.

Book 5: BACK BLAST (published in 2016)

Synopsis: Back Blast is the 5th Gray Man book where Gentry visits Washington determined to find out what happened that made the Agency turn on him.

Book 6: GUNMETAL GRAY (published in 2017)

Synopsis: Gunmetal Gray is the 6th book in the series. Two Chinese agents try to kill Gentry in Hong Kong. China wants him dead and Gentry hunts for answers.

Book 7: AGENT IN PLACE (published in 2018)

Synopsis: Agent in Place and the 7th book by Mark Greaney finds Court Gentry working with Syrian expats to bring down the president's regime.

Book 8: MISSION CRITICAL (published in 2019)

Synopsis: Mission Critical, the 8th Gray Man novel in the series, where Gentry’s flight on a CIA transport plane is attacked by a hostile force that kidnaps a prisoner.

Book 9: ONE MINUTE OUT (published in 2020)

Synopsis: One Minute Out, Gray Man book No. 9, takes Court Gentry on a mission to Croatia where he uncovers a human trafficking operation he is fixed on closing down.

Book 10: RELENTLESS (published in 2021)

Synopsis: Relentless is the 10th book. Intelligence operatives around the world are disappearing but one American agent re-appears and the Gray Man - Gentry, is sent to bring him in.

Book 11: SIERRA SIX (published in 2022)

Synopsis: Sierra Six is Mark Greaney's 11th book of the series. The Gray Man is on a simple mission when he sees a terrorist who's meant to have been killed, so has to finish an unfinished job.

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 Mark Greaney Books Written with Tom Clancy

Book 1: LOCKED ON (published in 2011)

Synopsis: Locked On is the 1st Mark Greaney thriller novel featuring Jack Ryan Junior, a sequel to Clancy's book Dead or Alive. In it, a corrupt Pakistani general joins a fanatical terrorist to obtain nuclear warheads.

Book 2: THREAT VECTOR (published in 2012)

Synopsis: Threat Vector is the 2nd book written by Mark Greaney, co-written with Tom Clancy and the sequel to Locked On. In it, China and the US are on a collision to war.

Book 3: COMMAND AUTHORITY (published in 2013)

Synopsis: Command Authority is the 3rd in the Jack Ryan book series co-written by Mark Greaney and Clancy. In it, a new strongman surfaces in the Russian republic leading to a chain of deadly events built on a bloody secret.

Book 4: SUPPORT AND DEFEND (published in 2014)

Synopsis: Support and Defend is the 4th action-thriller novel written solo by Mark Greaney for the Jack Ryan series. In it, President Jack Ryan’s nephew has to retrieve a computer drive containing information that could destroy America's worldwide intelligence efforts.

Book 5: FULL FORCE AND EFFECT (published in 2014)

Synopsis: Full Force and Effect, book No.5 written by Mark Greaney - his second solo contribution to the Jack Ryan series - is a political thriller. In it, the North Korean dictator strategizes to eliminate the United States president.

Book 6: COMMANDER IN CHIEF (published in 2015)

Synopsis: Commander In Chief, the 6th book of the Jack Ryan novels written by Mark Greaney, is a political thriller novel. President Jack Ryan and The Campus must stop the Russian president from launching a covert offensive to make Russia a superpower again.

Book 7: TRUE FAITH AND ALLEGIANCE (published in 2016)

Synopsis: True Faith and Allegiance is No. 7 in the book series written by Mark Greaney. The thriller involves a massive intelligence leak that cause deadly global events involving American military and intelligence personnel.

Mark Greaney's Stand-alone Thriller Novel

Book 1: RED METAL (published in 2019)

Synopsis: Red Metal is Mark Greaney's first standalone book and co-authored with Lieutenant Colonel Hunter Ripley Rawlings IV. In it, Russia takes advantage of a military crisis in Asia and attempts to take over a Rare Earth mineral mine to give them control over the world’s hi-tech sector.

Final Words

Well, that's the action-thriller novel list of Author Mark Greaney's books in order for reading and I will keep this page updated as soon as he writes more books. *I hope you found this list helpful and if so please share this page or link to it as a useful resource for others looking for Mark's books.
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