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Thriller Author Mark Dawson's Books in Order

Thriller Author Mark Dawson Books in Order

I've read a couple of Mark Dawson's action-thriller books and boy, he is one of the great thriller authors having written many, (I've listed them in order below). Just to give you who Mark is, he's an English author who lives in Salisbury, Wiltshire, 20 miles from where I grew up in Dorset, and is, I think, most famous for the John Milton series of thriller novels.

List of the Mark Dawson Books in Order

Mark Dawson has a few thriller book series including the John Milton series, Beatrix Rose series, Isabella Rose series, Group 15 series, and the Atticus Priest series. He also has a few standalone books. I've listed Mark Dawson's books in reading order with the publication date in (brackets), as he wrote a few prequels which can cause a little confusion as to what order you should read them. So, without further ado here's the publication and chronological order of Mark Dawson's books. Enjoy!

Mark Dawson's John Milton Books in Order of Reading

Book 1: 1,000 YARDS (published in 2014)

Synopsis: 1,000 Yards by Mark Dawson is the 1st novella and introduction to John Milton, the most dangerous assassin in the pay of Her Majesty’s government. Although published later it is the first book in the order of Mark Dawson's John Milton series.

Book 2: TARANTULA (published in 2014)

Synopsis: Tarantula is the 2nd novella in the John Milton series (again, published later), sends Milton to Italy to investigate the death of a colleague from Group 15, a secret assassination squad that liquidates anyone thought to be in the way of British interests.

Book 3: THE CLEANER (published in 2013)

Synopsis: The Cleaner is the 3rd book in the series where John Milton finds himself in London's East End helping a mother rescue her son from a charismatic criminal who has taken the boy in.

Book 4: SAINT DEATH (published in 2013)

Synopsis: Saint Death, the series' 4th book, sees John Milton surface after six months in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, and drawn into a vicious battle with the drug gangs that control the borderlands.

Book 5: THE DRIVER (published in 2014)

Synopsis: The Driver is the 5th John Milton book where Milton lives in anonymity driving a taxi in San Francisco. A girl he drives to a party goes missing, two dead bodies are discovered, and the police start treating him as their main suspect.

Book 6: GHOSTS (published in 2014)

Synopsis: Ghosts is the 6th book in the series. John Milton is a ghost and when arrested after a fight in a Texas bar, he is surprised by a glamorous operative from the Russian Secret Service who bails him out.

Book 7: THE SWORD OF GOD (published in 2014)

Synopsis: The Sword of God and the 7th book by Mark Dawson finds John Milton on the run in Michigan and going up against a small-town cop who has no idea how dangerous Milton is.

Book 8: SALVATION ROW (published in 2014)

Synopsis: Salvation Row, the 8th John Milton book in the series, where Milton finds himself in Louisiana trying to make amends for a career spent killing for the British Secret Service.

Book 9: HEADHUNTERS (published in 2015)

Synopsis: Headhunters, John Milton book series No. 9, thought he was done with Avi Bachman. The most dangerous man Milton has ever known has been imprisoned in Angola, Louisiana prison but the two are on an explosive collision course.

Book 10: THE NINTH STEP (published in 2016)

Synopsis: The Ninth Step is the 10th book. Milton is keeping low in London when he attempts a good deed but the deed becomes a mission to uncover high level government corruption and murder in the criminal underworld.

Book 11: THE JUNGLE (published in 2016)

Synopsis: The Jungle and Mark Dawson's 11th book sees John Milton comes up against a ruthless human trafficking ring after he meets a refugee who has lost a sister to the people smugglers.

Book 12: BLACKOUT (published in 2017)

Synopsis: Blackout, book no. 12, follows former government assassin Milton to Manila where he's thrown into a Filipino prison after waking up in an unfamiliar hotel room beside a murder victim.

Book 13: THE ALAMO (published in 2017)

Synopsis: The Alamo, is the 13th of the John Milton books, leading Milton to New York where he uncovers a vicious drug kingpin and a group of crooked cops from a notorious precinct known as “The Alamo”.

Book 14: REDEEMER (published in 2018)

Synopsis: Redeemer, series book No. 14, sees Milton in trouble in Rio de Janeiro when a close protection job goes wrong and a young girl is kidnapped. He chases the kidnappers to deliver his justice.

Book 15: SLEEPERS (published in 2018)

Synopsis: Sleepers is the 15th book, and when a Russian defector is assassinated in a sleepy English seaside town, Group Fifteen agents John Milton and Michael Pope find themselves in a rush to uncover the culprits and bring them to justice.

Book 16: TWELVE DAYS (published in 2018)

Synopsis: Twelve Days, and the 16th book of the Milton series, where John Milton connects back up with Elijah Warriner, now a promising boxer whose fame has caught the attention of old acquaintances with old grudges who want to settle old scores.

Book 17: BRIGHT LIGHTS (published in 2019)

Synopsis: Bright Lights is book No. 17. John Milton heads to Las Vegas and picks up a young woman in distress, whose father works for the casinos and the wrong people. Milton goes deep into a world of violence, ruthlessness and revenge.

Book 18: THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS (published in 2020)

Synopsis: The Man Who Never Was stands as the 18th John Milton book. Milton is used to operating in the shadows with fake identities, but must wear his mask of deception once more to avenge the death of a close friend.

Book 19: KILLA CITY (published in 2020)

Synopsis: Killa City is John Milton series book No. 19, where Milton comes to the aid of a teen who finds himself in trouble with two local gangsters. When Group Fifteen dispatch an old enemy to take him down, Milton faces danger on three fronts.

Book 20: RONIN (published in 2020)

Synopsis: Ronin, John Milton book No.20 in the series, has Milton travelling to Bali to arrange a new identity. He can’t even disembark the plane before he finds himself helping out a passenger who has been forced to smuggle contraband against her will.

Book 21: NEVER LET ME DOWN AGAIN (published in 2021)

Synopsis: Never Let Me Down Again is the 21st book, where migrant workers go missing during the construction of a windfall in the Outer Hebrides. John Milton goes looking for them, and finds more than he bargained for.

Book 22: BULLETPROOF (published in 2021)

Synopsis: Bulletproof, is book No. 22 and currently Mark Dawson's last book of the John Milton series. Captured and imprisoned by the organisation he once worked for, John Milton must do one last job in exchange for his freedom.

Book 23: THE SANDMAN (to be published in 2022)

Synopsis: The Sandman is Mark's upcoming book to be released in 2022 where John Milton returns to deal with the aftermath of events in Bulletproof.

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Mark Dawson's Beatrix Rose Books in Order of Reading

Book 1: WHITE DEVIL (published in 2015)

Synopsis: White Devil is the 1st prequel novella in the Beatrix Rose series by Mark Dawson, which follows the story of the British government’s deadliest ex-operative - Beatrix Rose.

Book 2: NINE DRAGONS (published in 2015)

Synopsis: Nine Dragons is the 2nd prequel novella in the series. Beatrix intervenes to save the life of a young girl who has crossed the triads and finds herself in direct opposition to them, who want her dead.

Book 3: DRAGONS HEAD (published in 2015)

Synopsis: Dragons Head is the 3rd prequel novella in the Beatrix Rose book series. A Triad underboss wants Beatrix dead. He has a young Chinese girl who she rescued from death and has to appeal to the leader of the triads to help her, at a cost.

Book 4: THE DRAGON AND THE GHOST (published in 2015)

Synopsis: The Dragon and the Ghost is a re-edited edition of the three novellas previously published as the Hong Kong Stories (White Devil, Nine Dragons and Dragons Head) where Beatrix finds herself working in the Hong Kong underworld.

Book 5: IN COLD BLOOD (published in 2014)

Synopsis: In Cold Blood, series book No.5, Beatrix Rose plans revenge on her team after being betrayed some years ago. She reappears from Hong Hong with a list of six people who must pay for what they did to her, with their lives.

Book 6: BLOOD MOON RISING (published in 2014)

Synopsis: Blood Moon Rising, the 6th book of the Beatrix Rose books where she is ticking off her list the assassins that tried to kill her. Two have been dealt with, and she has number three in her sights, a man, surrounded by mercenaries in Iraq.

Book 7: BLOOD AND ROSES (published in 2014)

Synopsis: Blood and Roses is No. 7 in the book series where Beatrix Rose has worked her way through her Kill List. Four are dead and only two remain. Her enemies know she’s coming and the hunter becomes the hunted.

Book 8: PHOENIX (published in 2017)

Synopsis: Phoenix stands at book No. 8 in the series of Beatrix Rose books. Beatrix meets John Milton when sent to Venezuela to track down a missing scientist. They team up in South America to capture the missing scientist.

Book 9: TEMPEST (published in 2019)

Synopsis: Tempest is currently the 9th and final book by Mark Dawson in the Beatrix Rose series where she teams up with a man. They help each other in the search for their daughters, but he has powerful enemies in the CIA after him.

Mark Dawson's Isabella Rose Books in Order of Reading

Book 1: THE ANGEL (published in 2015)

Synopsis: The Angel is the 1st book of Mark Dawson's Isabella Rose series. A suicide bomber explodes a bomb in London and Michael Pope, head of top-secret Group Fifteen, is tasked with finding the perpetrators. The operation requires a special kind of agent - The Angel.

Book 2: THE ASSET (published in 2016)

Synopsis: The Asset is the 2nd book in the series. Isabella Rose, the Angel, is abducted. Her abductors are in turn abducted, and she finds herself trapped further.

Book 3: THE AGENT (published in 2017)

Synopsis: The Agent is the 3rd Isabella Rose book, finding her on the run, hunted by the people she had been hired to work for. Trained killer Isabella and former handler Michael Pope are forced into hiding in India.

Book 4: THE ASSASSIN (published in 2018)

Synopsis: The Assassin is the 4th and currently final book in Mark Dawson's Isabella Rose series where she's in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, the world's most dangerous city. She lands in prison when a mission to break the local cartel’s grip goes wrong.

Mark Dawson's Group Fifteen Books in Order of Publication

Book 1: SCORPION (published in 2017)

Synopsis: No-one knows his real name. They call him ‘Scorpion.’ The assassin appears in London with the name of an investigative reporter on his list. The only man in the world more dangerous than the Scorpion to stop him is John Milton.

Book 2: WITNESS X (published in 2017)

Synopsis: Bryan Duffy is Witness X – a government agent caught in a national scandal and banished to Spain. But when North Korean hitmen attack a seemly innocent on the streets of London, Duffy is called back to the UK to find the killers.

Book 3: LITTLE SISTER (published in 2018)

Synopsis: Ex SAS member Bjorn Thorsson helps his sister who is in trouble with the owner of a hedge fund. But there’s a problem. Group 15, a secret government agency, has plans for the financier, and Bjorn is in their way.

Book 4: THE VAULT (published in 2020)

Synopsis: Another great thriller spy novel by Mark Dawson where Harry Mackintosh is called to extract an asset from East to West Berlin, but things go terribly wrong.

Mark Dawson's Atticus Priest Books in Order of Publication

Book 1: THE HOUSE IN THE WOODS (published in 2020)

Synopsis: Private investigator Atticus Priest is hired to investigate four murders at a remote farmhouse. After police involvement, he has to pick at the loose ends of the case to unravel what no one could have ever predicted.

Book 2: A PLACE TO BURY STRANGERS (published in 2021)

Synopsis: Atticus Priest returns in the sequel to the House in the Woods. When a human bone is found on Salisbury Plain, Atticus and DCI Mackenzie Jones discover a possible burial ground that looks as if it has been used to hide the victims of a killer.

Final Words

Well, that's the action thriller novel list of Author Mark Dawson's books in order for reading and I will keep this page updated as soon as he writes more books. *I hope you found this list helpful and if so please share this page or link to it as a useful resource for others looking for Mark's books.
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