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My New Author Blog: What’s in Store?
Published by Nigel Billington in My Personal Stuff · 1 June 2010
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Welcome to My New Author Blog

First of all welcome, I appreciate your interest in what I have to say and appreciate very much in you following me and my new author blog.
WARNING: I do enjoy using swear words from time to time when appropriate (but not crudely), so please be warned. For the easily offended, I do NOT apologise, so if you fall into this category then get the hell outa here ;)
Well what have I got lined up for my blog that will keep you thrilled enough to want to keep coming back?
Shocking stuff that’s what! Nah, seriously…. YEAH SHOCKING SHIT!
I warned you. Those easily offended had better close your eyes and block your ears, or leave now and make sure you DO NOT bookmark my blog.
Still here…? Great! I’m glad you’re sticking around.

What Things Will My New Author Blog Cover?

My Books

To be completely honest and as with any author, I want to get my books into the hands of millions. I want people to buy and read the stories I write and thoroughly enjoy them. So the number one on my list of things my blog will cover is: my books - book updates and writing progress, book cover reveals, book launches, special deals, and free book giveaways.

Other Author’s Books

I’m not an arrogant snob. I know there are thousands of great thriller authors with many books on the shelf already and I intend to include those here, (well some of them at least). For those of you who love reading thrillers, I will be blogging about some of the best thriller books I think you will enjoy.

Stuff to Help Other Authors

If you’re a new author like me, I am going to help you along – blind leading the blind comes to mind. I will be blogging about my personal writing, publishing and marketing experiences, as well as some of the tools I use to help me. I will be documenting my my first book writing journey (from start to finish) in a series of blog posts. So watch out for those if you are also an unpublished author like me.

And Finally…

I plan on having something for everyone here: readers and authors alike. So, if you’re an author (new or published), or a bookworm who loves the thrills of a good story, bookmark my blog.

You can also subscribe to my emails and be one of the first to get my new blog posts and exciting news.

I look forwards to hearing from you, Nigel.

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