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Book Writing Project 1: Overview (Writing My First Book)
Published by Nigel Billington in Book Writing Project · 17 June 2010

Writing My First Book

This is my personal journey on becoming an author and learning how to write my first book; from basic idea to writing the very first word, to getting it published and create an income. I provide a personal account of my writing successes, my failures, and the barriers I come up against and what I do to overcome them. If you want to write your own first novel but you’re not sure how, you can follow my journey for some useful tips.

"Book Writing Project 1" Overview

My "Book Writing Project" is a step-by-step beginner's guide on learning how to write a book for the first time and getting it published. This page lists all of the updates for writing my first book.

Here you'll find my periodic reports on my book writing progress and experiences to becoming a writer; from a complete novice (never having written before) to being a published author.

This is a complete record of everything that has happened to me along the way - mistakes and all - that will hopefully give some useful starting tips in writing and publishing a first book.

It might be a good idea to bookmark this page for reference and come back from time to time to follow my reports. You can also subscribe to my email updates below and be the first to find out what's happening. Let's get started....


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